Automotive Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

Cars and fleets are a fantastic way to introduce people to your brand. The more time your vehicle is on the road, the more eyes are on your graphics! Vehicle graphics are a highly effective advertising method, and it’s cost-effective.

At Leading Edge Graphics, we create eye-catching and striking designs to promote your business while you’re on the move. Our in-house creative team create bespoke designs from your brief, or we can design unique concepts for you.

Use vehicle graphics to promote your services or campaigns. We specialise in producing eye-catching and attractive designs that meet your budget. Choose from having all or part of your vehicles wrapped in high-quality vinyl, which provides an extra durable layer to your car.

Our teams have extensive experience working with various vehicles for businesses across multiple industries. We always ensure we provide maximum quality and professional services.

Vehicle Graphics / Sign writing

The appearance of your vehicle visually describes the quality and reliability of the services you provide to your everyday customer.

We can design, print and install a range from simple cut-out solid colour letters to intricate, bright and colourful printed designs to almost any vehicle in various shapes and sizes to help maximise your business presence on the roads and provide a fast and cost-effective signage solution.

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Vehicle Wrapping

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap consists of vinyl panels applied to a vehicle to completely ‘wrap’ it in an image or design. We can print anything onto vinyl, from a single colour to a breathtaking photograph or high-impact design. If you’re on a budget, we can also wrap just part of the vehicle, such as the rear doors or side panels – saving you money.

If you want your vehicle to look professional, stand out on the road and get potential customers to pick up the phone – then you need one of our vehicle wraps.

A high-quality vehicle wrap from Leading Edge Graphics can last up to 5 years – making it one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available.

We don’t just wrap; we design too – just think what 3-5 years of an outstanding design can do for the profile of your business.

But there are other benefits too.

If you want to sell your vehicle, removing the vinyl is simple and fast, restoring your vehicle to its original colour – with the added benefit of having protected it from chips, scrapes and wear.

A vehicle wrap can…

  • Reinvigorate your branding
  • Act as its own advertising campaign
  • Give a clean, new look to ageing vehicles

So whether you need a van wrap or want to wrap your entire fleet, we can help with our new facility in Halstead, Essex, covering Suffolk and Hertfordshire too. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly get you ready for the open road. Specialist vehicle wraps for prestige and race cars.

Do you want to customise the look of your prestige car, perform a straight colour change or wrap your racer in an original team design? Our expert wrapping process can be tailored to any make or shape of car.

Our recent prestige car wrapping projects have included the Ferrari F430 and a Subaru Impreza rally car – and we’ll be doing more soon.

Choose from special effects (Pearlescent, matt, metallic, carbon fibre and chrome), straight colour change or full-colour printed images.

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Leading Edge has a long history of supporting many businesses, large & small with fleet graphics for lorries, vans & other vehicles for replacements, repairs and rebranding. We understand the importance of keeping your on-brand message on the road & how the strength of your brand relies on the confidence you have in your suppliers to deliver a consistent service. With our specialist knowledge we can design & brand something that works for you.

Simple cut graphics are no problem too, we can tailor a solution to suit any budget.

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HGV and Lorry Graphics

Large firms use high-impact HGV and lorry graphics because, quite simply, they work. They grab attention and ensure that their name stays first in the mind of their customers.

Think of any well-known haulage firm, supermarket, courier, construction specialist, or any other big business that uses lorries or trucks. The chances are you’ve seen their liveried vehicles regularly on roads and motorways.

And it’s not just the big companies who rely on them. Smaller firms, from delivery companies and home removals specialists to antique dealers and glazing experts, use lorry and truck graphics as a 24/7 mobile advertising tool to increase their businesses' visibility.

Whether you need traditional lettering or whole-vehicle design, we have the experience and know-how to make your lorries and trucks stand out with bold graphics or vinyl wraps.

So if you use trucks or lorries, make sure they promote your business: Harness the power of lorry graphics to turn these vehicles into ambassadors for your brand.

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Race Car Graphics

Whatever branch of motorsport you’re passionate about, from circuit racing and drag racing to rallying and cross-country, your race car needs to stand out, look good, and provide attractive advertising space to your sponsors.

Race car graphics are some of the most complex and enjoyable projects we do. We can design and create outstanding artwork for every panel of your car, or we can create a full vehicle wrap that takes your sporting image to a new level.

From team names, racing stripes, numbers, logos and company branding to custom racing helmet designs, we’re among the top race car graphics specialists.

So make sure your race car looks outstanding as it crosses the finishing line – talk to the Leading Edge Graphics team today.

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Plant / Machinery

Introduce your brand to your plant machinery with durable vinyl wraps. Vinyl wraps enable you to brand your machinery and promote your business to the public. As a result, wraps are increasingly popular across the construction industry.

Popular requests include logos, branding and health and safety signage. Vinyl wraps grab attention and alert the public to your heavy plant vehicles.

As well as branding, our graphics can be used to produce identification numbers, notices, information labels and warning signs. Vinyl wraps and stickers offer a robust layer of protection against light chips and scrapes that can happen on site.

Our experienced in-house team design, manufacture and install graphics for use across a wide range of plant and machinery.

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