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Effective signage is informative, grabs attention and helps increase sales and profit.

At Leading Edge Graphics, we provide a complete signage service. From design to manufacturing using our state-of-the-art equipment to fast delivery from our HQ in Halstead, Essex.

We create a wide variety of signage, from traditional outdoor signs and bold window graphics to striking banners and indoor signage. Whatever your project, our teams have the skills and experience to create commanding signage for your business and applications

Shop Signage

Get your business seen with striking shop signage. Effective shop signage helps your business get noticed while emphasising your brand to your customers.

Whether your shop front or interior, shop signage can support your brand messaging in creative and exciting ways.

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Industrial Signs

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing industrial commercial signage. Signage plays a vital role in directing traffic, alerting the public to health and safety warnings and highlighting key locations.

We design, manufacture and install signage tailored to your site’s needs. Popular applications include Warehouses, Factories, Retail Units, Manufacturing Facilities, Construction Sites and Business Parks.

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Hoarding signage disguises construction sites and provides an opportunity to promote your business, brand or event to the public.

We can custom print your branding or advert onto hoarding panels manufactured to your specifications and provide installation.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics, also known as window stickers and decals, are used to display creative messaging around your business. Window graphics are very popular across high-street retailers, pubs, restaurants and car showrooms.

Window graphics are cost-effective and impactful. Because of this, they’re an excellent tool for promoting campaigns, seasonal offers and short-term promotions.

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Wallpaper / Coverings

Wall graphics let you inject your brand into any space, creating striking feature walls and points of interest. These highly customisable decals can support your interior design project, help you promote a campaign or show off your brand through creative wall art.

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CNC & Flatbed Printing

We can print onto or apply to almost any substrate. Including: Foamex, Aluminium Composite, Correx, Perspex, Acrylic, Glass, Banner, PVC, Vinyl, & Wood.
Along side this, ability to cut almost any material to shape with our CNC routing & cutting Summa flatbed cutter. Including: Foamex, Aluminium Composite, Correx, Perspex, Acrylic, Banner, PVC, Vinyl, & Wood.

Projects quickly delivered to demanding deadlines, yet to competitive prices. We supply super vibrant full colour CMYK printing & precision cutting/routing. Plus white, varnish & textured print options too. Along with superior ink adhesion. Your flatbed prints will last up to 3 years outdoors without the need for lamination.


Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX UV flatbed printer.
Flat bed area: 2500×1300mm. Speed: up to 35 m2/h. Colours: CMYK & White curable UV ink, Varnish. Print quality: 1200dpi (max) to a maximum substate thickness of 50mm.

Mimaki UCJV300-160 UV roll to roll printer.
Max print width: 1610mm. Speed: up to 25.8 m2/h. Colours: CMYK & White curable UV ink, Varnish. Print quality: 1200dpi (max) to a maximum media thickness of 1mm.

Mimaki JV300-160 solvent roll to roll printer.
Max print width: 1610mm. Speed: On PVC, 32.7m2/h, Banner material, 105.9 m2/h. Colours: CMYK solvent ink. Print quality: 1440dpi (max)

Summa F1612 flatbed cutter. 
Material Width: Up to 1650mm. Speed: up to 1000mm/sec. Conveyor system with pneumatic media clamps & roll support, camera system & vacuum bed. Tools: High-Frequency Router, Heavy-Duty Cutout tool, Kiss-Cut tool & Drag Knife tool.

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Tray Signs

Tray signs are a versatile option for 3D signage while concealing fixtures and fittings. These tidy signs create a solid first impression when used as fascia signage.

Tray signs are typically made from aluminium or stainless steel. Our signage experts can help you select the suitable material for your application.

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Illuminated Signs

Help your business stand out from the competition with illuminated signs. These vibrant signs draw attention day and night, giving your business visibility 24 hours a day.

Illuminated signs are ideal for internal and external applications. LED lights provide efficient illumination that helps to attract customers and boost visibility.

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3D Standoff Lettering

3D lettering is a creative way to make your sign pop. Each letter is carefully crafted to your specifications. You can choose, or we can recommend suitable materials and colours to help add depth and shape to your 3D sign.

3D and standoff lettering are suited to both internal and external applications. Choose between having your letters flush to the wall or raised off with brackets.

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Post Signs

Post signs, also known as panel signs, are an effective way to advertise to passers-by and sign-post your business. These signs are highly customisable and can be produced in an extensive range of sizes suited to your needs.

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Monoliths or totem signs are freestanding structures often used for roadside wayfinding signage and commercial estate branding. These prominent signs provide an excellent foundation for your brand and are highly visible.

Many of our clients opt for illuminated monoliths, an eye-catching feature during the day and at night. These vertical structures can be seen by bypassers from a distance and can incorporate your brand colours and logo. As a result, monoliths are particularly good for highlighting entrances and storefronts.

All of our monolith signs are installed with safety and quality in mind. We consider where your sign will be placed and what conditions it will need to withstand. As a result, you can be confident that your sign will be robust and structurally sound.

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Hanging Signs

Projecting hanging signs are a popular option for high street shops as they can be seen from long distances. In addition, hanging signs help your business get noticed when a customer isn’t directly facing your storefront.

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Directional Signs

Directional signage helps the public navigate indoor and outdoor spaces and locate POIs. Good wayfinding signage leaves customers with a positive experience of your site.

We manufacture a vast range of directional signs tailored to your specifications.

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Pavement Signs

Pavement signs, also known as A-Boards, are excellent for advertising and promoting your business. These cost-effective signs help you draw attention to your shop front. Pavement signs are easy to move, helping you secure them overnight or reposition them to a higher traffic area.

We can provide a broad range of pavement signs, each suited to varying use cases and suiting different weather conditions.

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Health & Safety

Health and safety signs are essential to your business and are a legal requirement for all public spaces.

We provide an extensive range of Health and Safety signs helping your business meet safety signs and signals regulations.

We can supply Health and safety signage as vinyl or onto your choice of aluminium, plastic or composite.

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